Cutting through the confusion and getting you unstuck so you can confidently grow a business 
you're proud of.

Cut through the confusion and get moving with your list of the first 10 steps to building your business.

(Hint: They have nothing to do with building a website, posting on Instagram, or filing an LLC.)

Starting your new business is full of all the "feels"- 

the excitement of creating something all yours, the anticipation of purposeful work, and the dream of giving your traditional j-o-b the old heave-ho.


But then there’s the other stuff... 

the confusion about what to do, the overwhelm of having so many options and opinions, the fear of the unknown, and the vulnerability of it all. 

You dream of making a real difference to people and profiting on your terms. Instead, you find yourself stuck, scattered, or spinning.

Don’t worry. We. Got. This.

It's time to get clear, get strategic, and get moving.

Hi there!  I'm Karissa.

I’m a 20+ year veteran of marketing and business and a Certified Small Business Coach.

I don’t believe starting your business requires a lot of complexity, stress, or money. I do believe it requires clarity, strategy, and whole lot of consistent action.  

I’m not a sit on the sidelines kind of coach and I’m not right for half-hearted entrepreneurs; but, if you’re fired up to create a business you love, I’m all in on helping you realize that dream!

Working with Karissa Schminky has been the primary force in getting me unstuck and moving forward in my business. In the past, my need for perfection has proved debilitating; rather than producing content, I agonized over minute details and spent all of my time working on projects–with nothing to show. Because I’m a prolific info-gatherer with a strong work ethic, it never occurred to me to hire a business coach. However, after losing all momentum due to the destructive habit of absorbing more than I produced, I was looking for a solution. With Karissa’s insight, knowledge and unending support, I have made crucial shifts, and I’m officially moving forward. Most importantly, I have regained the confidence to follow my passion wholeheartedly. My only regret is that I didn’t reach out sooner."

Kacey Waxler  Writer & Yoga Instructor

Done feeling frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed trying to build and grow your business?

Get clear so you can get moving with this list of 10 steps to take.